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This wiki accompanies a series of events organised by the Centre for Disruptive Media. This series, entitled ‘Disrupting the Humanities’, consists of 3 half-day seminars that will take place in the spring and summer of 2014. This wiki serves as a resource and research platform to accompany the seminars, and functions as an experimental publication platform. All the seminars will be extensively recorded and live-streamed. These recordings will be supplemented by visualisations of the audience participation during the events, in an attempt to more accurately capture their collaborative nature. With this we hope to promote more interactivity as part of scholarly events in general. All the recordings and visualisations (which will include tweets and blogposts) will be made available here on the project site.

This wiki will also serve as a re-use and remix platform. By making connections with other resources (which can be added by the speakers, audience members, and the general public, see: How to use this wiki) related to the topics and themes (see: Theoretical Concept) that will be discussed during the seminars, this wiki aims to become an extensive knowledge resource and network, related to the theme of posthumanities. By adding an experimental publishing function (currently in development), we will enable the selection of specific texts, resources, and multimedia-material, which can then be added to collections and exported as PDFs/ebooks for research or teaching purposes.

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