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Disrupting the Humanities

13002-14 CDM Seminar Posters V3

The Centre for Disruptive Media presents Disrupting the Humanities A series of 3 half-day seminars looking at research and scholarship in a ‘posthumanities’ context, organised by the Centre for Disruptive Media at Coventry University, and held over the course of spring and summer, 2014. Disrupting the Humanities will both critically engage with the humanist legacy…

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What are the Digital Posthumanities?

Living Books About Life Project

(This is the text of a talk first given as a keynote lecture at the DigitalHumanities@Leuven conference, University of Leuven, September 18-20. The programme for the conference is available here. More details about Digital Humanities at Leuven are available here.) In the spirit of the EPublishing/ELearning theme of the day, this talk will begin by…

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