Research Team

Performative Publications
Radical Open Access Conference
Shaun Hides
Jonathan Shaw
Janneke Adema
Jacqueline Cawston
Kathleen Fitzpatrick
Matthew Hawkins
Virginia Crisp
Anthony Luvera
Adnan Hadziselimovic
Ross Varney
Open Education: Condition Critical
Open Access Publishing Roadshow
Knowledge Machines: The Potential of the Digital
Creative Hacktivism
Disrupting the Humanities Seminar Series
JISC Coventry Open Media Classes
Photographic Mediations
Open Media Seminar Series
Rachelle Knowles
Why Are We Not Boycotting
Jurij Smrke



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  1. 26/12/2015 at 06:48

    Interesting look at many ideas in media.

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