Experimental publication platform

This wiki also functions to bind the various ‘separate’ seminars together, enabling clearer connections between them. It also enables the building of a network and of communities around these events, lifting them out of their unique and in many ways still objectified settings. This wiki will then form the basis for a more formal publication, enabling the speakers to not only respond to the ‘time- and place-bound’ specific experience of the event, but to the resources collected around the event, which in a way can become part of the publication-in-process. Re-envisioning a selection of papers and presentations anew as a form of ‘publication’ (presentations that might already be published elsewhere in the mean-time in a different version) also encourages the vision of research as process, drawing attention to the various iterations of research and how they can start to ‘live a life of their own’ separate from whilst still connected to the ‘final publication’. In this sense the disruption of the final object of research happens through a re-evaluation and a recognition of the importance of its various different versions and iterations, which-especially now with digital media, but also for instance through notes, drafts, sketches, and papers in a (post-)print context-continue to live next to the ‘finalised’ project as fluid rhizomatic extensions.

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