Speculative computing and the aesthetics of the humanities: Johanna Drucker


Culture Machine Live, a series of podcasts which consider a range of issues including the digital humanities, internet politics, the future of cultural studies, cultural theory and philosophy, is pleased to announce its latest episode:
Speculative Computing and the Aesthetics of the Humanities: Johanna Drucker


This interview with visual and cultural theorist and practitioner Johanna Drucker by Janneke Adema focuses on Drucker’s work as a scholar and practitioner, speculative computing, the difference between aesthesis and mathesis in Humanities knowledge production, and the concept of performative materiality. The interview was conducted on November 16th, 2013, at the Library of Birmingham in Birmingham, UK.

You can find the whole Culture Machine Live podcast series at: http://culturemachinepodcasts.podbean.com

The series is curated by Janneke Adema, Clare Birchall, Gary Hall & Pete Woodbridge

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