CDM researchers at the AHRC Common Ground event in York on June 21st

Gary Hall and Janneke Adema will be joining Open Book Publishers’ Rupert Gatti (Cambridge University) to promote and represent the Radical Open Access Collective at the AHRC Common Ground event in York on Tuesday the 21st of June. Here they will have a stand with books, promotional materials, and open access digital editions from a variety of presses and publishing initiatives within the collective, as well as playlists of videos on open access and books for attendees to browse through and explore. They will also be hosting two workshops:

Workshop 1: Sustainable Open Access publishing: How to make it happen
Workshop 2: Open Access and multi-media monographs: New opportunities for research and researchers

Playlists of the videos that will be shown are available here:

The event is free, but you need to register:

The Common Ground gathering will enable ideas and skills to be exchanged, new collaborations to be forged, networks to be enriched, knowledge to be produced, and the value of the arts and humanities to be expressed, discussed, and celebrated. Whether you want to be intellectually provoked or to provoke, to offer training or to benefit from it, to celebrate a project, a product, a way of working or to develop a new one.

The provisional programme is attached underneath

Programme Common Ground

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