JISC Coventry Open Media Classes


The Coventry Open Media Classes (COMC) Project focused on the development of four new Open Media Classes. Two of them are photography classes: one a BA module Picbod, and a masters level class; together with a class on Creative Media Activism and another on Media and Cultural research projects using social media: Living in a Digital world.

The project team from the Department of Media at Coventry University included: Shaun HidesJonathan Worth, and Peter Woodbridge, with other participating media researchers and practitioners, students and external contributors working together to make a wide range of learning material openly available through these classes.

The project is supported by JISC as part of the their  OER Open Educational Resources Programme Phase 3 

The Open classes make this material open for use and re-use under a CC BY SA licence. They also give access to networks and communities of subject specialists, professional practitioners and wider learning communities.

More about this project can be found in the JISC report: Open Media Classes at Coventry University: Final Evaluation Report 2015

This report offers a reflection on findings from a one year evaluation study into the distributed open media classes at Coventry University The study team comprised Lou McGill and Tim Gray of Lou McGill Consultancy Ltd. This report is augmented by an open wiki (bit.ly/1KqL4nH) which includes more detail
about the approaches used during the study and findings are also presented as a series of web pages

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